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Auto Gate Tubular Motor Receiver EG-34
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Auto Gate Tubular Motor Receiver EG-34

I. Specification Auto Gate System Tubular Motor Receiver 
1. Working voltage: 220V AC, 50Hz 
2. Loading capacity: 2HP,250V 
3. Working frequency: 433.92MHz 
4. Built-in fuse: electrocircuit (3.5A), motor (10A), please exchange appropriate fuse according to loading capacity 
5. Transmitters stored:25pcs
6. Temperature range: -20℃ to 60℃. 
7. Self-learning function 
8. Size: 98*75*40MM

Ⅱ.Operation /Auto Gate System Tubular Motor Receiver

Press and release the Learn button, LED indicator on, then press the button of remote control, LED indicator flashes 2 times, new remote has been learned successfully. There is no signal received from remote control within 10s, then LED indicator goes off and exit learning mode. If you have already learned 50PCS up to the maximum memory capacity, the next remote control will not be learned. The LED indicator will flash 5 times and exit learning mode.

2.1 Wireless self-learning 
With this function, you could add the new remote control from the old remote control without accessing to the receiver. Press 2 and.3 button of old remote control at the same time for 6 seconds, then press any button of new remote control.

2.2 Removing Remote Control
Press and hold learn button 10 seconds until the LED indicator lights on then all the learned remote controls have been removed successfully.

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