How To Adjust The Limit Switches When Installing Sliding Gate Openers? November 25,2016.

Adjusting the limit switches is one of the main issues when you are installing one sliding gate opener, especially for those business who major in the DIY market. For sliding gate opener, normally with the spring limit and magnet limit for option. Both have the advantages and disadvantages, such as maybe you will fear that the spring limit will be easy get rust, the magnet limit will not easy to install?


Now one type of new built-in limit switches for sliding gate opener could help solve this problem for user could easy DIY and enjoy the process. For the new sliding gate openers with internal mechanical limit, the end users do not need to mount the limit steel stopper or the magnets, they only need to adjust open/close limit through inside mechanical limit, I think it is easier for the end users when they are DIY their driveways. The most important is that the end user could enjoy the DIY also without much install problem etc. So why not try this?

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