• New type wireless keypad
    New type wireless keypad January 11,2017.

    This is a new type wireless keypad, with the below detail features, you will see that the easy operate and the advantage of AUTOGA keypad. Details: wireless, touch sensitive, tempered glass with LED black light, ultra low battery consumption, two channel output, multiple pin codes, security lockout, high strength, anti tamper alarm, up to 20m operating meters. The keypad could be with AUTOGA rolling code, HCS301 rolling code, and also you could make it as one duplicator remote, it could copy the fix code. It must be useful for you to use in your exist gate opener or with AUTOGA gate opener. New design fixed/rolling code keyless entry for automation make it much more suit for DIY market.

  • Do you want this  AUTOGA smart hub?
    Do you want this AUTOGA smart hub? January 6,2017.

    It could make you open/close the gate, light, window, curtain automatically; it could help you to monitor the detail home condition when you are at office; it could help you to set the detail time to make kitchenware on or off; it could help to control the air condition; it could help to let you know how about the detail condition of parents and children to alarm you when some urgent situation happen; it could as one smart remote to help you could control you all different brand gate opener,Universal Remote is easy. garage opener, winder opener etc at one device etc. The AUTOGA smart hub help your life much more intelligent, easy control, safe and convenience. You will like this kind of life which everywhere is easy under control and smart etc.

  • How Much Do You Know About Remote Controls?
    How Much Do You Know About Remote Controls? February 28,2017.

    Earlier remote controls in 1973 used ultrasonic tones. The remote control code, and thus the required remote control device, is usually specific to a product line, but there are universal remotes, which emulate the remote control made for most major brand devices. Remote control is a convenience feature for the consumer, and can allow operation of devices that are out of convenient reach for direct operation of controls. The remote control contains all the function controls while the controlled device itself has only a handful of essential primary controls.

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