Troublesome Swing Gate Opener Noise And Maintenance? December 22,2016.

With many swing gate openers being installed, I am just wondering if we are the only people who have issues with the complaint about the gate motor noise and maintenance? All swing gate opener supplier with worm gear drive, they have to face the problem about the gear tear, the grease ditching problem after months use. Then for sure the noise problem come again.

We tried to find many other material supplier to test and compare and finally find some way to solve all problems. You have to choose that kind of durable and hard gear to make them no easy wear, you have to use some case mould to prevent the water will enter the swing gate opener to cause the rust problem, you have to use much more strong motor for the long time use. And yes, above all we do for now. And we are happy that not more swing gate opener noise and many times maintenance happen. They have already not the troublesome problem for us.

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