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Intelligent central controller smart hub
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1, small and stylish, built-in broadband router.
2, stand-alone support 150 intelligent hardware, up to 20 users.
3, the network state automatic detection, home broadband, 4G seamless switch, fear of broken network.
4, home applications do not need to pass through the Internet, control in speedly.
5,128 high-strength encryption algorithm to protect the user information security.

6, strict rights management system, unlock, video access and other sensitive operations need to secondary certification.

Device parameters

1, the working voltage: DC 15V 1A, the adapter does not match the cost of some of the functions of the equipment or machine damage.
2, the operating temperature range: -40 ℃ -80 ℃
3, Zigbee communication distance: 80m
4, the average operating current: 150mA

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