• Universal Fixed-freq remote control duplicator remote control duplicator
    The wireless Remote control duplicator purpose  set designed for use  in security systems  and for remote control of any electronic equipment: ELECTRICAL GATES SLIDING DOORS ELECTROMAGNETIC LOCKS AUTOMATIC BARRIERS ELECTRICAL CURTAINS LIGHTING FIXTURES ARMING/DISARMING OF ALARM SYSTEMS, etc. FEATURES FOUR INDEPENDENT CHANNELS. Can copy different fixed code in different buttons. Fixed frequency such as 433.92mhz, 315mhz, 868mhz. Receiving range in open space - up to 100 meters. Copy almost fixed code in the market. Easy Copy code from original remote
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  • Rolling code Garage door remote control duplicator JJ-CRC-SM12-DP Rolling code Garage door remote control
    Rolling code Garage door remote control duplicator JJ-CRC-SM12-DP Idol 1.0 is a remote duplicator which can copy most of rolling code and fixed code remote from 300mhz-868mhz. Can store 4 different frequency fixed or rolling code in 4 different buttons. It can even re-generate a new remote. Technical data: Frequency: 300mhz-868mhz key duplicator Working voltage: 3V or 12V optional Voltage: 2.4V-3.3V or 7-12V optional Working current:24mA±2mA Static current:0.4uA±2uA or 1.4uA±2Ua optional  Working range: 50-80m in the open air
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  • Universal rf transmitter for Automatic system Universal rf transmitter for Automatic
    Giant RMCTR universal transmitter has many colors for choice,back slip design,more convenience to hange it. Mainly used in auto home system,or other security systems.
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  • wireless receiver for garage door Shop wireless receiver for garage door online
    Used in auto door, window, lifting equipment, entrance access, up and down controller, alarm system industrial control and security etc.
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  • 2018 New Gate Flash Lamp Shop 2018 New Gate Flash Lamp online
    Gate flash lamp with wide voltage range 12v-265v
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  • DC24V Sliding Control Board JJ-EG-32 JJ-EG-32
    一: Function: 1.       Board power supply:AC 24V, could connect 24V back up battery, 24V output for external device 2.       Use for DC sliding gate motor 3.       Transmitter: Giant rolling code transmitter, support max 120pcs transmitter 4.  24V DC motor 5.  Feature: digital display; limit; resistance sensitivity adjustable; motor speed adjustable; motor high speed time adjustable; motor protection time 60s; auto close function; auto close time adjustable; board single button control mode; resistance infrared; gate close infrared; PED mode; alarm lamp output; swipe card
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  • Gate Flash lamp Shop Gate Flash lamp online
    I. Safety Instruction 1. For security, please read the user manual carefully before initial operation; 2. Please be sure the power is off before connecting, the product is produced without fuse; 3. This system must not endanger life or property during the running failure or its security risks have II. Technical Specification 1. working voltage: 12-265VAC /DC 2. Loading capacity: <3W 3. Flicker Frequency: 1HZ 4. Working temperature: -20º ~+60℃ 5. IP Level: IP54 III. Connecting Instruction 1.Power input connect to PCB board terminal, Working power 12V–265V DC/AC 2 SW1 switch It’s the switch for switching LED in flickering or lighting, When SW1 at connecting, LED will flicker after power on; When SW1 at disconnecting, LED will light after power on
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  • Door opener remote key fob remote key fob for door opener
    The door opener remote key fob is easy and convenient to used for motorcycle alarm system, car alarm system, auto gate,door motor or other security product.
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  • Rolling code universal 5 in 1 wireless remote universal 5 in 1 wireless remote
    The rolling code remote control is a device used to remotely control the machine.They are widely used in many areas, can be used to burglar alarm equipment, remote control, car remote control and other radio remote control mode.
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  • 9V Long range universal remote transmitter Long range universal remote transmitter
    9V long range distance super power remote transmitter for security system.
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  • 433.92mhz​/315mhz RF Receiver module Shop 433.92mhz​/315mhz  RF Receiver module online
    433.92mhz/315mhz  RF Receiver module PRODUCT DETAIL Low consumption OOK/ASK superheterodyne receiver with high performance,  reliability and compact dimensions based on super-heterodyne APPLICATION Security system , car and motorcycle systems , data transmitter , garage door etc.
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  • Auto Gate Tubular Motor Receiver EG-34 Shop Auto Gate Tubular Motor Receiver EG-34 online
    Auto Gate Tubular Motor Receiver EG-34 I. Specification Auto Gate System Tubular Motor Receiver  1. Working voltage: 220V AC, 50Hz  2. Loading capacity: 2HP,250V  3. Working frequency: 433.92MHz  4. Built-in fuse: electrocircuit (3.5A), motor (10A), please exchange appropriate fuse according to loading capacity  5. Transmitters stored:25pcs 6. Temperature range: -20℃ to 60℃.  7. Self-learning function  8. Size: 98*75*40MM    Ⅱ.Operation /Auto Gate System Tubular Motor Receiver Press and release the Learn button, LED indicator on, then press the button of remote control, LED indicator flashes 2 times, new remote has been learned successfully. There is no signal received from remote control within 10s, then LED indicator goes off and exit learning mode. If you have already learned 50PCS up to the maximum memory capacity, the next remote control will not be learned. The LED indicator will flash 5 times and exit learning mode. 2.1 Wireless self-learning  With this function, you could add the new remote control from the old remote control without accessing to the receiver. Press 2 and.3 button of old remote control at the same time for 6 seconds, then press any button of new remote control. 2.2 Removing Remote Control Press and hold learn button 10 seconds until the LED indicator lights on then all the learned remote controls have been removed successfully.
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