• 4 Chs Wireless Adjustable Frequency Gates Garage Door Remote Control Duplicator Adjustable Frequency Gates Garage Door Remote Control Duplicator
    The 4-Channel RF Wireless Remote Control Duplicator used for Cars, Garage Doors , Gates doors, Alarm systems etc. Fixed frequency (433.92mhz or 315mhz) for copying 99.99% common fixed and learning code remote controls. Face to face copy the functions of your original remote by this 4-channel RF remote control duplicator with code learning functions and you'll always have 
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  • 433.92mhz​/315mhz RF Receiver module Shop 433.92mhz​/315mhz  RF Receiver module online
    433.92mhz/315mhz  RF Receiver module PRODUCT DETAIL Low consumption OOK/ASK superheterodyne receiver with high performance,  reliability and compact dimensions based on super-heterodyne APPLICATION Security system , car and motorcycle systems , data transmitter , garage door etc.
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  • 2 Channels transmitter receiver  transmitter receiver
    2 Channels Transmitter Receiver Frequency:433.92mhz/315mhz Small receiver Dimensions(L x W x T) 60*40*30mm. Gross weight 50g. 1-2ch optional Terminal block and wire optional The receiver module we using is JJ-JS-069-2. Fixed code small 2 channels unviersal 433.92 / 315mhz micro transmitter and receiver JJ-JS-091 are mainly used in security systems, roller doors, shutters, sliding doors, barriers and household eqiupment.Product name wireless indoor security system remote control receiver JJ-JS-091.
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  • Gate Flash lamp Shop Gate Flash lamp online
    I. Safety Instruction 1. For security, please read the user manual carefully before initial operation; 2. Please be sure the power is off before connecting, the product is produced without fuse; 3. This system must not endanger life or property during the running failure or its security risks have II. Technical Specification 1. working voltage: 12-265VAC /DC 2. Loading capacity: <3W 3. Flicker Frequency: 1HZ 4. Working temperature: -20º ~+60℃ 5. IP Level: IP54 III. Connecting Instruction 1.Power input connect to PCB board terminal, Working power 12V–265V DC/AC 2 SW1 switch It’s the switch for switching LED in flickering or lighting, When SW1 at connecting, LED will flicker after power on; When SW1 at disconnecting, LED will light after power on
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  • 2018 New Tubular Motor Receiver for Roller Shutter Door Tubular Motor Receiver
    1.General For safety, please read the manuals carefully before initial operation; making sure that the power is off before any operation. The controlling signal may be interfered by other RF communication devices in same frequency range. Prohibited using this to control any high risk industrial equipment or system (e.g.cranes). Always install it indoor or under the rain cover protection.   2.Specification Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ. Loading Capacity: 2000W, AC240V. Frequency: 433.92 MHz. Memory Capacity: 50PCS rolling code remote control. External button and photocell protection. Working Temperature:  -20℃ to 60℃.   3.Learning/Removing Remote Control Press and release the Learn button, LED indicator on, then press the button of remote control, LED indicator flashes 2 times, new remote has been learned successfully. There is no signal received from remote control within 10s, then LED indicator goes off and exit learning mode. If you have already learned 50PCS up to the maximum memory capacity, the next remote control will not be learned. The LED indicator will flash 5 times and exit learning mode. 3.1 Wireless self-learning With this function, you could add the new remote control from the old remote control without accessing to the receiver. Press 2 and.3 button of old remote control at the same time for 6 seconds, then press any button of new remote control.   3.2 Removing Remote Control  Press and hold learn button 10 seconds until the LED indicator lights on then all the learned remote controls have been removed successfully. 4. Product Overview                 : Open Button  ‚: Stop Button  ƒ: Close Button  „: Learn Button …: 0.5A Built-in fuse for board   †: 10A Built-in fuse for motor  ‡: LED Indicator ˆ: Dip Switch For Setting Different Mode
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  • 433mhz/315mhz Wireless Keypad for gate opener Wireless Keypad for gate  opener
    Product overview --Power supply: DC 6V ( 4pcs AAA 1.5v dry battery). --Touch keyboard: 1-9, *, 0, #. --Standby current: 18uA (Sleep mode), 6mA ( working mode). --Working current: 28mA ( working mode). --Three LED indicator light: Red, Green, Blue. --Low battery indication: If the battery is low, keypad would have beep indication after every signal transmission is made. -- Anti-vandal alarm. When the keypad is disassembled illegally, the buzzer will “beep” to alert. -- 4 digits installer’s pin code and 4 digits user’s pin code setting. -- RF learning code function: can learn commonly used fixed code, HCS301 rolling code. -- Two channels RF 433MHZ transmitting. -- Scrambled pin code. -- Keypad buzzer on/off. -- Keypad back light on/0ff. -- Keypad security lock. -- Factory default setting -- Weatherproof Operation Instruction: -- When keypad enters programming mode, if the keypad does not receive the further command within 6s, keypad would exit programming mode automatically. -- When misoperating the keypad during programming, you can enter programming mode again after keypad exits programming mode automatically. -- When received the command “*”or “#”, keypad would receive the command then judge the command is correct or not. If it is incorrect command, keypad would exit programming mode; or it is correct command, keypad would operate further. -- When programming, if user key in users’ pin code more than 4 digits, the keypad would recognize it as incorrect operation, then exit programming mode. -- When keypad in working mode, if the interval time between inputting each digit is more than 6s, keypad would ignore the previous digit. --if keypad is not learning any code, the red LED indicator would flash 5 times
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  • 2018 NEW!!! Infrared photocell beam sensor Shop 2018 NEW!!! Infrared photocell beam sensor online
    TECHNICAL DATA: 1.Power Supply: AC/DC 12-24V 2.Working Current: Transmitter: ≤30mA; Receiver: ≤50mA 3.Infrared Wavelength: 890nm 4.Operating Distance: ≥12M 5.Adjusting angle of PCB:±90° 6.Receiver Relay Contact Output: Max. 1A at 24V DC 7.Operating Temperature: -20℃~+60℃ 8.N.C. Or N.O. Can Be Set Through Jumper on Receiver Photocell 9.Protection Rating: IP54 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION: The photocells should be installed at height of more than 20cm above the ground. And the distance between transmitter and receiver should be more than 50cm. The user should install the photocells on the back of the direct sunlight or other strong light source to keep it working steadily.   Avoid installing other infrared transmitter within effective distance of receiver.   Do not use this photocell on installations in which two or more photocells are installed in parallel and close together.   If the end users need to install other photocells in one same straight line, the receivers could be installed in the two ends and the emitters could be back-to-back installed   Stable installation could avoid the signal of emitter and receiver skewing due to lightly vibrate and the malfunction.   When the product is installed in some place with angle, end user could adjust the PCB to make the installation better.   Connecting power after checking no error of connecting lines, emitter LED lights, keep the CAP of emitter and receiver align, receiver LED off; When they are not align, receiver LED on.   Wiring Connect up following the wiring diagram as below. Set the N.O. or N.C. control through the jumper on the receiver photocell based on your application as below Always consult the wiring instructions for the control unit to which you are connecting the photocells.
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  • RFID Card Reader Gate opener Hands free device card reader
    Hands free device RFID card reader gate opener,
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  • 286mhz-868mhz Rolling Code Cloner Transmitter Rolling Code Cloner Transmitter
    286mhz-868mhz Rolling Code Cloner Transmitter 4 Channel Universal Clone Remote Control BFT Garage Door Transmitter working brands as below: Aprimatic TR2/TR4, TM4 Beninca TO.GO2WV/TO.GO4WV, Cupido Bft MITTO (Mitto B RCB 02 R1 2CH/Mitto B RCB 04 R1 4CH,) Chamberlain/Liftmaster94335E, 4333E, 4335E, 4333EML, 4335EML, Dea TR2/TR4, Genie 273 Ditec GOL4 Faac 433 SLH (XT2 433 SLH/XT4 433 SLH; TML2 433 SLH/TML4 433 SLH, T2 433 SLH/T4 433 SLH)  Faac 868 SLH (XT2 868 SLH/XT4 868 SLH, TML2 868 SLH/TML4 868 SLH, T2 868 SLH/T4 868 SLH, DL2 868 SLH/DL4 868 SLH)  King Gates – STYLO 4 Nice FLOR (Flo1R/Flo2R/Flo4R,Very VR, One1/One2/One4/One9, One1E/One2E/One4E/One9E, Inti1/Inti2), SMILO (SM2/SM4)  Sommer 434 MHz, 868 MHz
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  • Remote Compatible Brand ERREKA Compatible ERREKA
    Remote Compatible Brand ERREKA Frequency: As original remotes Channel: 4-CH Color:sky blue Battery Model: 27A Encode: compatible with original  ERREKA remote Size:81.8x51.6x14.5(mm)
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  • Roger Compatible Remote Shop Roger Compatible Remote online
    Roger Compatible Remote Frequency: As original remotes Channel: 2-CH Color:sky blue Battery Model: 27A Encode: compatible with original Nice-Flor remote Size:81.8x51.6x14.5(mm)
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  • Compatible FAAC Remote control Transmitter FAAC Remote
    Compatible FAAC Remote control Transmitter Frequency: As original remotes Channel: 4-CH Color:sky blue Battery Model: 27A Encode: compatible with original Faac remote Size:81.8x51.6x14.5(mm)
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