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RFID Card Reader
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Reader Working VoltageDC 12V24V
Reader Working Current30mA~50mA
Reader With Cards Working Distance5M
Reader Max. Memory: Unlimited Cards
Card Working VoltageDC 2*3V
Card Static Current9-13uA
Card Working Current8mA
Card Working Frequency433.92MHZ
Card Max. Memory: 6PCS Readers

Receiver Working VoltageDC or AC 12V24V

Receiver Working Current13mA
Receiver Max. Memory20PCS Readers 

Pairing cards to the reader

1,press the code learning button on card reader, the buzzer will have 2 beeps and system learning indicator LED will

light on and enter code learning mode. Then let the card face straight in a line to the card reader, after 10s, buzzer will have 1 beep. System learning indicator LED turn off, then exit the code learning mode. If learning succeeded, indicator LED on card will flash.
One Card could work with maximum 6 different card readers at the same time. Only need repeat the above code learning method, then card reader and card will match successfully. If the card match with 7th card reader, then the 1st set card reader will be replaced with 7th automatically. 

2.When the card receives the signal from the card reader that match well, the card will transmit one 4s RF 433.92MHZ rolling code. Also even the card receives the signal from card reader continuously, it will also only transmit one time RF signal.

3. For easy programming the card to the external receiver, There is one red button on card, press and hold the button (no more than 10s) , the card will transmit the code continuously. Press and hold the red button above 10s, card will move the all code of
all before card reader.
4. Receiver code learning: press and hold button 5s until LED light on, then release button, press the card’s button to launch rolling code. If theLED turn off, then code learning successfully. If not receive the correct signal within 8s, it will exit the code learning mode automatically. Press again the code learning button also can exit the code learning mode. If the code learning memory more then 20pcs, LED will flash 5 times to mention the code learning quantity have already full.

5. Receiver code move: press and hold button 10s, when LED flash fast
then release button, LED flash fast, then code move successfully

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