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2018 New Gate Flash Lamp
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Open the package; take out the products and all the accessories. Removing the antenna by rotating anticlockwise.


Mark 2 holes on the wall by using the fixing hole of bracket.


Drilling two 6mm diameter holes and one 10mm diameter hole. Then put the expansion plug into the 6mm diameter holes. Put the wires through 10mm diameter hole.


Put the power wire and antenna through the cable holes in the holder. And fix the holder to the wall by provided 4mm*30mm self-taping screws.


Put the power wire and antenna through the cable holes in the bottom base and fix the bottom base to the holder by provided 4mm*10mm screws.


Connect the wire and antenna to the correct terminals.


Put the cover back and make sure the cover is fastened with the bottom base without any gap.


Then screw the antenna up and turn clockwise to make it tight.


Always install the holder and lamp upright to the ground. Horizontally installation may cause the rain go inside the lam and damage the board.


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