Rolling Code Cloner Transmitter
286mhz-868mhz Rolling Code Cloner Transmitter
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286mhz-868mhz Rolling Code Cloner Transmitter

4 Channel Universal Clone Remote Control BFT Garage Door Transmitter working brands as below:

Aprimatic TR2/TR4, TM4
Beninca TO.GO2WV/TO.GO4WV, Cupido
Bft MITTO (Mitto B RCB 02 R1 2CH/Mitto B RCB 04 R1 4CH,)
Chamberlain/Liftmaster94335E, 4333E, 4335E, 4333EML, 4335EML,
Dea TR2/TR4, Genie 273
Ditec GOL4
Faac 433 SLH (XT2 433 SLH/XT4 433 SLH; TML2 433 SLH/TML4 433 SLH, T2 433 SLH/T4 433 SLH) 
Faac 868 SLH (XT2 868 SLH/XT4 868 SLH, TML2 868 SLH/TML4 868 SLH, T2 868 SLH/T4 868 SLH, DL2 868 SLH/DL4 868 SLH) 
King Gates – STYLO 4
Nice FLOR (Flo1R/Flo2R/Flo4R,Very VR, One1/One2/One4/One9, One1E/One2E/One4E/One9E, Inti1/Inti2), SMILO (SM2/SM4) 
Sommer 434 MHz, 868 MHz

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