• Single Infrared Beam Safety Sensor top Single Infrared Beam Safety Sensor reviews
    Single Infrared Beam Safety Sensor Content of the package:          Each Photocell Components: N.1 Transmitter Photocell                     N.1 Cover N.1 Receiver Photocell                       N.1 Base N.6 Self Tapping Screws                      N.1 Transmitter/Receiver Board N.6 Expansion Plugs                         N.1 Rubber Seal N.2 Post Screws                             N.2 Cover Retaining Screws N1. User Manual   TECHNICAL DATA: Power Supply: AC/DC 12-24V Working Current: Transmitter: ≤30mA; Receiver: ≤50mA Infrared Wavelength: 890nm Operating Distance: 12M Receiver Relay Contact Output: Max. 1A at 24V DC Operating Temperature: -20℃~+70℃ Angle of Infrared Beam Receiver Can Be Adjusted: 0~90° N.C. Or N.O. Can Be Set Through Jumper on Receiver Photocell Protection Rating: IP45 Welcome to contact for installation manual.
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  • 2018 NEW!!! Infrared photocell beam sensor top 2018 NEW!!! Infrared photocell beam sensor reviews
    TECHNICAL DATA: 1.Power Supply: AC/DC 12-24V 2.Working Current: Transmitter: ≤30mA; Receiver: ≤50mA 3.Infrared Wavelength: 890nm 4.Operating Distance: ≥12M 5.Adjusting angle of PCB:±90° 6.Receiver Relay Contact Output: Max. 1A at 24V DC 7.Operating Temperature: -20℃~+60℃ 8.N.C. Or N.O. Can Be Set Through Jumper on Receiver Photocell 9.Protection Rating: IP54 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION: The photocells should be installed at height of more than 20cm above the ground. And the distance between transmitter and receiver should be more than 50cm. The user should install the photocells on the back of the direct sunlight or other strong light source to keep it working steadily.   Avoid installing other infrared transmitter within effective distance of receiver.   Do not use this photocell on installations in which two or more photocells are installed in parallel and close together.   If the end users need to install other photocells in one same straight line, the receivers could be installed in the two ends and the emitters could be back-to-back installed   Stable installation could avoid the signal of emitter and receiver skewing due to lightly vibrate and the malfunction.   When the product is installed in some place with angle, end user could adjust the PCB to make the installation better.   Connecting power after checking no error of connecting lines, emitter LED lights, keep the CAP of emitter and receiver align, receiver LED off; When they are not align, receiver LED on.   Wiring Connect up following the wiring diagram as below. Set the N.O. or N.C. control through the jumper on the receiver photocell based on your application as below Always consult the wiring instructions for the control unit to which you are connecting the photocells.
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