• DC24V Sliding Control Board JJ-EG-32 JJ-EG-32
    一: Function: 1.       Board power supply:AC 24V, could connect 24V back up battery, 24V output for external device 2.       Use for DC sliding gate motor 3.       Transmitter: Giant rolling code transmitter, support max 120pcs transmitter 4.  24V DC motor 5.  Feature: digital display; limit; resistance sensitivity adjustable; motor speed adjustable; motor high speed time adjustable; motor protection time 60s; auto close function; auto close time adjustable; board single button control mode; resistance infrared; gate close infrared; PED mode; alarm lamp output; swipe card
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  • AC 110V/220V Sliding gate control board Sliding gate control board
    Control Board Characteristics:    1. Input voltage (Supply Voltage): 220V AC/110V AC    2. Transmitter Coding: Factory Custom Rolling Code.    3. Allowed Transmitters: Up to 30PCS Transmitters.   4. Versatility: Suitable for sliding gate openers.  Function Testing The following functions refer to the diagram above.  Auto Learn NOTE: The receiver can memorize more than 15 remote controls. 1.    Press the “AUTO LEARN” button (1), LED-D5 will light for 10 seconds, by pressing the remote control button during the 10 seconds the receiver will accept the code, the LED-D5 will go off and the motor will start. 2.    If no remote control button is pressed within the 10 seconds, LED-D5 will go off and the learning function will be exited. 3.    To delete the memory code, press the remote control button continuously for 6 seconds, LED-D5 will flash to denote all memory codes have been deleted.
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