• Indoor wireless keypad in 433mhz keypad
    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Warnings! To reduce the risk of injury, do not attempt to use this product until you have read thoroughly and understand completely this operator’s manual and the operator’s manual for the RYOBI garage door opener. Ensure compatibility and fit before using this accessory. Do not use this accessory if a part is damaged or missing. n Install keypad in sight of garage door and at least five feet above the floor. n Always keep the moving door in sight and away from people and objects until it is completely closed. No one should cross the path of the moving door, which can result in death or serious personal injury n Do not allow children or untrained individuals to use this unit. n Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used near children. n Save these instructions. Refer to them frequently and use them to instruct others who may use this product. PACKING LIST Wireless Indoor Keypad, AA Batteries (2), Screws (2), Operator’s Manual

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  • Compatible Garage Door Opener Access Control Keypad top Compatible Garage Door Opener Access Control Keypad reviews
    Access Control Keypad which compatible most brand of USA Garage Door Opener.
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  • 433mhz Wireless Keypad for gate opener Wireless Keypad for gate  opener
    Product overview --Power supply: DC 6V ( 4pcs AAA 1.5v dry battery). --Touch keyboard: 1-9, *, 0, #. --Standby current: 18uA (Sleep mode), 6mA ( working mode). --Working current: 28mA ( working mode). --Three LED indicator light: Red, Green, Blue. --Low battery indication: If the battery is low, keypad would have beep indication after every signal transmission is made. -- Anti-vandal alarm. When the keypad is disassembled illegally, the buzzer will “beep” to alert. -- 4 digits installer’s pin code and 4 digits user’s pin code setting. -- RF learning code function: can learn commonly used fixed code, HCS301 rolling code. -- Two channels RF 433MHZ transmitting. -- Scrambled pin code. -- Keypad buzzer on/off. -- Keypad back light on/0ff. -- Keypad security lock. -- Factory default setting -- Weatherproof Operation Instruction: -- When keypad enters programming mode, if the keypad does not receive the further command within 6s, keypad would exit programming mode automatically. -- When misoperating the keypad during programming, you can enter programming mode again after keypad exits programming mode automatically. -- When received the command “*”or “#”, keypad would receive the command then judge the command is correct or not. If it is incorrect command, keypad would exit programming mode; or it is correct command, keypad would operate further. -- When programming, if user key in users’ pin code more than 4 digits, the keypad would recognize it as incorrect operation, then exit programming mode. -- When keypad in working mode, if the interval time between inputting each digit is more than 6s, keypad would ignore the previous digit. --if keypad is not learning any code, the red LED indicator would flash 5 times
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  • Wireless access keypad wireless keypad for gate opener
    The wireless keypad is an very intelligent gate opener at present. 12buttonS on keypad .Easy to operate and wiring connection .
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