• Rolling shutter side motor
    AC220V 300kg 500KG 600KG Rolling shutter motor AC220V 300kg Rolling shutter side motor  MODEL JD-300-1P Rated power 200W Lifting force 300KGS Max lifting height 4.5m Wire copper wire coil Copper Limit switch 2pcs/ 4pcs Phase Single phase  Function Control rolling door up and down 1. Low noise, small vibration and low power consumption;  2. Beautiful shape, advanced structure, strong power;  3. Using imported electrical components, safe and stable;  4. Light weight, small size, easy installation, long life, reliable performance;  5. Manual operation is convenient during power failure, and power storage device can also be equipped;  6. It can be equipped with remote control assembly to realize remote operation;With motor operation overheating protection device.
  • Top Compatible America Brand garage remote control suppliers
    Compatible America Brand garage remote control Compatible America Brand garage remote control
  • Compatible Rossi,Peccinin,PPA,Nova Garage Door Remote
    Compatible Nova Garage Door Remote Compatible Rossi,Peccinin,PPA,Nova Garage Door Remote Frequency:433.92mhz Button:4 buttons Compatible brand:Rossi,Peccinin,PPA,Nova Color:customized MOQ3000pcs
  • Rolling code Garage door remote control
    Rolling code Garage door remote control duplicator JJ-CRC-SM12-DP Rolling code Garage door remote control duplicator JJ-CRC-SM12-DP Idol 2.0 is a remote duplicator which can copy most of rolling code and fixed code remote 433mhz. Can store 4 different frequency fixed or rolling code in 4 different buttons. It can even re-generate a new remote. Technical data: Frequency: 433mhz Working voltage: 3V or 12V optional Voltage: 2.4V-3.3V or 7-12V optional Working current:24mA±2mA Static current:0.4uA±2uA or 1.4uA±2Ua optional 
  • rf receiver kit
    2 chs 433.92mhz wireless rf receiver kit The Receiver is easy install and program:  1. Directly code learning and deleting through buttons that on the outside of receiver case.  2. Directly wire connect without need to open receiver case.  3. Work with open code both fixed code and rolling code. Frequency: 433.92MHz Channel: 2chs Distance: 100m Waterproof: IP40 Work current: 10-60mA Power supply: 12-24V AC/DC Memory Capacity: 200 codes Open code Temperature: -25 ~+85 degree centigrade  Static current: 5mA+/-2
  • Universal rf transmitter for Automatic
    Universal rf transmitter for Automatic system Giant RMCTR universal transmitter has many colors for choice,back slip design,more convenience to hange it. Mainly used in auto home system,or other security systems.
  • Top wireless receiver for garage door suppliers
    wireless receiver for garage door Used in auto door, window, lifting equipment, entrance access, up and down controller, alarm system industrial control and security etc.
  • Top 2018 New Gate Flash Lamp suppliers
    2018 New Gate Flash Lamp Gate flash lamp with wide voltage range 12v-265v
  • keypad
    Indoor wireless keypad in 433mhz IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Warnings! To reduce the risk of injury, do not attempt to use this product until you have read thoroughly and understand completely this operator’s manual and the operator’s manual for the RYOBI garage door opener. Ensure compatibility and fit before using this accessory. Do not use this accessory if a part is damaged or missing. n Install keypad in sight of garage door and at least five feet above the floor. n Always keep the moving door in sight and away from people and objects until it is completely closed. No one should cross the path of the moving door, which can result in death or serious personal injury n Do not allow children or untrained individuals to use this unit. n Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used near children. n Save these instructions. Refer to them frequently and use them to instruct others who may use this product. PACKING LIST Wireless Indoor Keypad, AA Batteries (2), Screws (2), Operator’s Manual
  • wireless car charger remote control
    Smart dual usb car charger multifrequency wireless remote control Frequency:300MHz-868.35MHz Output Voltage:DC12V~24V USB input voltage:DC5V-1.5A Touch screen panel. Copy most of the fixed code in the market. Application: 1. motorcycle alarm remote control     2. electric vehicle alarm remote control 3. sliding gate remote control, auto gate remote control, sliding door remote control, rolling door remote control 4. ceiling fan remote control 5. access control remote transmitter 6. wherever remote control needed
  • Top Automatic Sliding Door Hardware suppliers
  • sliding gate operator
    800kg Automatic sliding door actuators gate operator  Complete  kit  sliding gate operator include:                                                                   - 1 x Motor with built in Control Panel  - 2 x Remote Controls - 2 x Manual Override Keys  - 1 x Motor mounting base plate - 1 x Instruction Manual

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